Capsule House

Step into the future with our capsule house – sleek design, smart living, and eco-friendly. It’s not just a home; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Welcome to innovation and efficiency in every corner. Upgrade your living – welcome home.


Unlimited Terrain

No vegetation is damaged, no construction waste, and ecological and environmental protection

Rapid Landing

30 days production in the factory.  2 hours of use upon landing

Fashion Design

100% original fashion design, integrated into the mountains and fields, attractive.

Panorama View

270 ° panoramic french window, thermal insulation. Sleeping in the scenery and enjoying pure natural pleasure.

Advanced Design Sci-fi Cabin

The advanced design concept
originates from the idea of an
interstellar travel cabin
spaceship, creating a unique
appearance in science fiction, full of longing for the future
of human habitation in outer

Dual steel structure Aluminum process

GB50017 national standard
dual steel structure bearing
capacity design, the shell body
is made of fluorocarbon
sprayed ship grade aluminum
plate, and the structure is
stable and designed for
outdoor use for 50 years.

Quality optimization Environmentally material

The entire cabin is decorated
with environmentally friendly
materials, taking into account
aesthetics (excellent decoration), durability (encrypted steel
structure), weather resistance
(thermal insulation), and safety
(fire and non-toxic)

Intelligent voicecontrol

The whole house is equipped with intelligent modules and smart home systems. The lights, curtains, skylights, air conditioners, and Dedicated outdoor air system in different areas can respond with voice control

Capsule House E5

Size: L8.5 * W3.3 * H3.2mm
Area: 28.0 square meters
Occupancy: 2 people
Total power consumption: 10KW
Total net weight: 7 tons

Capsule House E7

Size: L11.5 * W3.3 * H3.2mm
Area: 38.0 square meters
Occupancy: 4 people
Total power consumption: 10KW
Total net weight: 9.5 tons